Best Whole House Generator

Are you prepared in the event of a blackout? From Mother Nature using her arsenal of wind, rain, heat, sleet, or snow to turn things topsy turvy, to an overburdened electrical grid, there are numerous reasons why the power can be extinguished in a heartbeat.

It’s hard to believe that having electricity was once considered a privilege only the rich could afford when we see how all of us in the developed countries have come to regard it as indispensable.

Without it home appliances don’t work, the Internet is dead, food goes bad, and most sources of entertainment vanish as well. So it’s only normal when electrical troubles develop, to hear an outcry from the public that swiftly grows into a roar of displeasure, demanding local governments take immediate action to remedy the situation.

It’s during this time that you realize that purchasing the best whole house generator is one of the most intelligent decisions you can presently make.

Should a blackout occur, whole house generators can operate all crucial home devices including air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, lights, and other indispensable items.

If you feel that you cannot conduct your life without the total house receiving continuous power, or simply don’t want to have to cope with the restrictions imposed by a small, gas-operated generator, then you should probably consider investing in a whole house generator. They aren’t anything to be intimidated by and you will find that once you have one you will be relieved and have a greater sense of security. Like any other new thing they take a little getting used to in terms of learning how to operate them, but it isn’t anything difficult and you should master the process in no time at all.

How Does a Whole House Generator Work?

In contrast to the silent, portable units, a standby whole house generator is permanently put in place on a concrete pad and attached to the electric box of your home in order to supply continuous power which is able to begin working automatically. It operates on an easily available fuel resource, usually natural gas, but it can also be diesel, or liquid propane and is capable of handling all of your electrical requirements for days to come.

While the size of the home does come into play, a standard unit that can generate 20 kilowatts can power the standard home without difficulty. They have smaller-sized engines that are air-cooled and supply short-term power to essential items such as a refrigerator, air conditioner, sump pump, but are not really designed for bringing power to everything at one time, larger homes, or operating for extended lengths of time.

The capacity of whole house generators, however, is in the range of from 22-48kw. The increase in power will give you the relief of knowing that you won’t need to make tough decisions as to which appliances to run and which not to in order to conserve energy.

Whole house generators make it possible for even large homes that consume high amounts of power to continue to run as if nothing had happened, regardless of what is going on with the public power grid. You are apt to save power for the sake of conserving fuel, but in the case where your ability to earn a living or the welfare of your family relies on being able to obtain electricity, a high quality whole house generator should be considered an absolute necessity.

What Do You Need to Know Before Buying a Whole House Generator?

If you want a generator of the highest caliber, then you should expect that your purchase is going to be an expensive one. The more power that you require, the more money you are going to be forced to pay. Whole house generators simply don’t come cheap, and there’s really nothing that can be done about that. That’s why it’s essential that you determine exactly what your needs are before dashing out to make a purchase.

Then there are other considerations as well. The more energy that is used up, the longer the generator has to run in order to produce it, which means the more fuel you require. The type of fuel a machine uses and just how easy or hard it is to procure it where you live should be something you think about when searching for a whole house generator. Add to this the fact that you should have a really good idea of how much energy will be required for your household to function properly.

Plus, you need to think about the noise factor. Even your average portable generator can run at a continual 80 decibels — sounds like a loud lawn mower. A whole house generator is usually a lot more effective, and is also more insulated. Remember too that the closer the generator will be to your home, the lower you want the level of noise to be.

Extra Expenses

There may be other expenses involved in getting a whole generator besides just the price of the machine itself. You will most likely require a licensed electrician to do the electrical work that will be needed, a plumber to connect the unit to the source of fuel. In addition, you may have to call in a contractor to pour the concrete slab.

Moreover, a home generator is a permanent addition to your home, and will likely give it additional value, so you may have to deal with building permits and increased property taxes, along with a safety inspection and your municipality’s code requirements.

Best Whole House Generator

Below are two of our top recommendations for the best whole house generator.

1. Westinghouse WGen9500DF — Price: $1,041.17

The Westinghouse WGen9500DF makes an ideal portable backup whole house generator for your home. At a total power output of 12500 starting and 9500 running watts, there is more than enough power to operate all essential household appliances.

This generator can be employed to power the refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner, sump pump, and all lighting. It is a dual fuel unit, which means that you have the ability to use either gas or propane to operate it.

Yet another great thing about this generator is that it has an extremely long runtime. As much as 17 hours. There are many outlets present on it including the essential 120V L14-30R Transfer Switch-ready outlet.

Furthermore, it has remote start so that you may operate the machine without having to leave your home.

This generator has only one real flaw, and that is the loud noise it makes when in use. However, this is worth overlooking when considering all the benefits the machine provides.


. Dual fuel

. Ease of use — easy to set up and care for

. Powerful — 12,500 starting watts

. Price — price to quality ratio very good


. Weight — Very heavy to transport

2. A-iPower SUA 12000E — $811.25

The A-iPower SUA 12000E whole home generator is clear evidence that a high quality generator needn’t be outrageously expensive. Besides the excellent price, it also does the job extremely well, providing more than adequate power.

There is a 459cc four-stroke engine at the heart of this machine, providing 9500 running watts of energy. This is plenty of power for most homes.

While the manufacturer states that the 7.0 gallon heavy duty steel fuel tank is capable of supplying 8-9 hours of run time, many users have claimed that it ran for as long as 13 hours before requiring refueling.

The A-iPower SUA 12000E is a truly great high quality generator that is reasonably priced. In fact, it is quite a good price when compared to the costs of some better known brands.


. Excellent performance — operates without any difficulties. Ready to take over in case of emergency.

. Run time — long

. Price — excellent


Manufacturer yet to become established in the United States. Not yet popular because of lack of familiarity.

The above are only two suggestions to help you along in your quest for the best whole house generator. There are many more quite good ones to pick from. As with anything else that you purchase for your home, knowing that it has to last long-term because it is simply too costly and inconvenient to have to replace, there is a certain amount of trepidation involved making this move. That is why we wrote this article and made these recommendations, hoping to help you along in your journey a bit.

Purchasing a whole house generator is quite a large investment, and there really isn’t any room for making a mistake. You must be certain to do your online research very thoroughly and know what you are talking about when you set out to shop for this item. One thing you know for sure is that if you require enough electricity to keep your entire house running should a serious storm or accident occur and knock out the power, then a whole house generator is your best bet.

We’re tried to enlighten you a bit as to what your best options are and the things that you need to give some careful thought to before you hand over your money. Whole house generators are a safe, effective, and highly worthwhile investment that you shouldn’t have any concerns about making once you determine for certain that this is what your household needs.